dinsdag 10 april 2018

GRN thinks foreign-minister 'Stef Blok' should not accuse Russia without hard evidence - he refused to arrest criminal mayor = 3x child abduction!

GRN: I also apologise for my bad English pronounciation:

GRN: I'm sorry the recording didn't came out focused; the message though, is clear!

Do svidaniya Russian people,
dear president Putin,

My name is Erik Groenendijk from the Netherlands, a teacher and father of three lovely girls and I would like you te hear this important message:

We, the vast majority of the

We do not believe the false accusations that are being spread by our own govern-ments and main stream media. We deeply appologise fo this wrongdoing of Russia and hope you can see the difference between what our governments are doing and the will of the people.

We want love, peace and understanding, not the lies, deceipt and warhunger of the so-called ‘elite’ in our countries. We will make our people see that we need to ditch our governments and start over again.

In friendship with all countries, including Russia and the Russian people:

Please ignore our foreign minister Stef Blok, contemporary head of the security council of the United Nations: he is not speaking in our names:

  • he is deceiving not only the Dutch people but tries to fool the whole world no way!

I am grateful that Russia did not let them provoke you and is trying to maintain peace in the world much harder than our foreign minister Stef Blok.

Interesting might be that Stef Blok, while he was replacing the former minister of Justice, Van der Steur who had to be removed for not 'telling the truth and nothing but the truth';

  • refused to take any action against the abduction of three Dutch girls by their German mother although the family judge had put those children, my three daughters, under the protection of the Dutch Youth Services.

This means that the former Dutch minister of foreign affairs, Halbe Zijlstra, who had to go because he was bragging about being in the datscha of Putin while he wasn’t, is being replaced by a guy,

Stef Blok who - according to GRN with 100% proove:

   1. is accessarry to international child abduc-

   2. ignored the verdict of the family-law judge and

   3. refused to prosecute the mayor of the Dutch town in which these girls
       where living!

In summary:

Dutch people don’t want war but peaceful and friendly relations with Russia and its people

# the western governments, including our prime-minister Mark Rutte and newest foreign-affairs minister Stef Blok...

...do not speak our will, do not speak the truth; we will get rid of them

# Please accept our apologizies and remain

With greetings from the Netherlands,
Bussum, drs. Erik M. Groenendijk MSc.

GRN verwittigde ambassadeur Shulgin van Russische Federatie en Russian Televison:

Stef Blok and Mark Rutte/ Dutch and other western governments can - indeed - not to be trusted:

   Dutch people want peace and friendship
   with Russian Federation!

ma 9-4-2018 20:16
Van: drs. E.M. Groenendijk MSc.

Dit bericht is verzonden met hoge urgentie.

Dear embassador Shulgin, dear people of the Russian Federation,

1. Again drs. Erik M. Groenendijk MSc. does not agree with the Dutch government and published on fake-foreign-minister Stef Blok:


  • Geen WO-3 maar VREDE met iedereen - ook met de Russische Federatie. Stef Blok beschuldigt Rusland ten onrechte en is zelf nep - 100% bewijs!


GRN : leve de vrede! Leve de Nederland-Russische vriendschap мир - мир - мир! All we are saying... is give peace a chance!

2. Please:

stay prudent/ 'being the wiser one' and working to maintain world-peace...

thank you very much - on behalf of the vast majority of the Dutch people!

3. Friendly greetings to president Putin and to the Russian people!

Yours sincerely,

drs. Erik M. Groenendijk MSc.
In het belang van de kinderen en Vrouwe Justitia

Previous message:

Do. 01 maart 2018, 16:57
Van: drs. Groenendijk MSc.
Aan: rusembassynl@mid.ru

Dear embassador Shulgin,
Dear people of the Russian Federation,

1. There are many Dutch people who do not believe all the fake-news about the Russian Federation and who only want peace in the world:

NL burgers willen 'meer meer meer waarheid' over MH17 en vriendschap met alle landen - dus ook met de Rossijskaja Federatsija - Я люблю тебя!


2. We mourn over the innocent death of the MH17-flight and hope that, someday, 'the truth and no-thing but the truth' will be revealed so justice can be served.

3. The opinion of the Dutch government

is NOT our opinion... instead;

we want to stop the unjust demonizing of your country and send peaceful greetings to you all!

Yours sincelery,

drs. Erik M. Groenendijk MSc. - In het belang van de kinderen en Vrouwe Justitia

RT televisiezender - opgericht 10 december 2005

Het is geregistreerd als een zelfstandige non-profit organisatie gefinancierd door de federale begro-ting van Rusland door het Federaal Agentschap voor de Pers en Massacommunicatie van de Russische Federatie. RT wordt uitgezonden in 4 talen. Het originele Engelse kanaal ging van start in 2007, het Arabische Rusiya Al-Yaum werd gelanceerd in 2007 en het Spaanse RT Actualidad in 2009. Sinds 2010 is er RT America dat focust op de Verenigde Staten en wordt uitgezonden vanuit Washington D.C.. Sinds 2014 is RT UK er dat zich vooral richt op het Verenigd Koninkrijk en wordt uitgezonden vanuit Londen. Ook werd in 2014 RT Deutsch gelanceerd, dat wordt uitgezonden vanuit Berlijn.

We want PEACE - MIR with Russian Federation

  • we do not believe our own governments!

Tuesay 10-04-2018, 00:10
From: drs. E.M. Groenendijk MSc.

Dear RT-redaction,
dear Russian people,
dear president Putin,

1. The vast majority of the Dutch people and other Western 'democracies' do not want any war:

  • No war with Russia and its people!

2.  We do not believe the attempt to demonize the Russian Federation and offer our sincere apology for the vicious behaviour of the Dutch government/ foreign-minister Stef Blok and prime-minister Mark Rutte.

This teacher, father of three daughters and blogger drs. Erik M. Groenendijk MSc. says:

  • 'Hi, how are you TODAY?' to Russia!

3. Maybey RT can publish my video-message to the Russian people and president Putin, please send forward:

We want MIR and friendship with Russia!


GRN thinks foreign-minister 'Stef Blok' should not accuse Russia without hard evidence - he refused to arrest a criminal mayor = 3x child abduction!!!

Yours sincerely,

drs. E.M. Groenendijk - luctor et emergo
On behalf of the children and Justice

Zie ook d.d. 09-04-2018: 'Geen WO-3 maar VREDE met iedereen - ook met de Russische Federatie.

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  • uw delen wordt uiteraard (weer) gewaardeerd; mijn dank daarvoor!

    No justice, no peace! Stop diep-triest PAS-familiedrama NU...!

    Bussum, drs. E.M. Groenendijk MSc./ PapaErik - school’meester’
    Luctor et emergo - in het belang van de kinderen en Vrouwe Justitia